29 September


Labeling Process Transformation at Selena

CASE STUDY: Transforming the Labeling Process at Selena Group with the Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Platform.

We are enthusiastic to share with you our project for Selena, which demonstrates the tremendous business benefits that automation of the labeling process can bring.

Discover the Benefits of Labeling Transformation .

Our partnership with Selena, a global producer and distributor of construction chemicals, has yielded remarkable results. With Loftware’s NiceLabel Cloud platform, we were able to automate the labeling process, resulting in:

✅ A significant increase in efficiency in label production,
✅ Elimination of human error,
✅ Reduced time to market for products,
✅ Full flexibility through cloud-based labeling.

If you are interested in the details of the project, we would like to invite you to read the full success story of the case study and learn how Loftware’s NiceLabel Cloud platform has helped strengthen Selena’s position as a leader in innovative labeling solutions.

Learn more: https://elcaro.pl/CaseStudies/Selena/

Together with Selena, we are exploring how technology can transform an industry. Join us on this inspiring journey!