OnlyBio Stories
OnlyBio Stories


Ultra Cross-Platform
Mobile Hair Care App
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for OnlyBio!


an expert in conscious hair care,

together with elcaro, an expert in mobile solutions have created an innovative mobile application that allows customers to build and plan their individual hair care program for each day.

OnlyBio Stories is the first such comprehensive and revolutionary application on the Polish cosmetics market!
Based on years of research into the structure and properties of hair and the individual preferences of women, OnlyBio has recognized the dynamic growth in the importance of personalization and individual approach within hair care.

The creation of a dedicated app for Android and iOS phones was a natural response to the needs of demanding customers.
Now every woman can take care of the healthy appearance of her hair both at home and on the go, having a comprehensive care plan prepared.

OnlyBio Stories

Client is the polish company producing natural cosmetics and ecological cleaning products.
It is a subsidiary of the HUB.TECH S.A. Group which is a leader on the domestic market of organic cosmetics, and its activity is carried out thanks to its own laboratories and the use of modern production lines.
The new project is part of the strategy
of developing new technologies supporting the sale of cosmetics.

OnlyBio Stories


One of our main tasks was to create a cyclic hair care plan module, which, based on the completed questionnaire, should match and present the user with a suitable schedule.

The challenge was to write a universal mechanism for configuring and generating care plans, that would allow automatic matching of selected products that best fit the user's needs.

This module will also allow application administrators to manage the content of the survey on their own from the administration panel without publishing a new version of the application.
Based on customer requirements, the created module can generate more than 600,000 unique care plans based on existing questions and corresponding answers, responding to specific user demands


We believe that the basic condition for the efficient implementation of any project is fast and direct contact with our customers. Thanks to a truly Scrum approach, we guarantee a competitive speed of application implementation without worrying about the quality of the code provided..

By using Agile software delivery methodology, we also provide full control over the final product. This enabled OnlyBio to seamlessly and quickly implement new (competitive) solutions, even during the implementation of other previously agreed modules.

At elcaro we understand that only real flexibility in application development enables our Clients to be market leaders.

OnlyBio Stories
OnlyBio Stories

Final product

Hundreds of thousands of hair care plans!

Over 50 000 downloads within 3 months!

An innovative mobile application that allows Only Bio customers to build and plan a personalized hair care program for each day. The implemented mechanism allows them to get a plan more precisely tailored to their needs, thanks to a detailed questionnaire about the condition of their hair.

The unique question analysis mechanism provided by elcaro, together with Onlybio's extensive product offer, provide users with a comprehensive care cycle, unprecedented in such applications.

The app also provides the possibility of additional personalization of plans by allowing users to add their own products to previously generated plans.

The availability of a rich knowledge base, the app additionally provides the ability to learn and understand the details of hair structure and care.

These, as well as many additional modules (video library, my hair stories) make the mentioned application eagerly downloaded and recommended by many users.

Thanks to frequent updates and an ever-growing list of functionalities, users got a product that perfectly meets the needs of conscious care. At the same time, application fits into a market niche, making the OnlyBio brand even more competitive.