27 June


Preserving Food Safety Through New Technologies

Recent product recalls in the food industry have drawn attention to the need to improve food traceability and compliance. Food-borne illnesses are a major problem worldwide, causing some 48 million people to become ill each year because of them in the United States alone. Therefore, the FDA has set a deadline of January 2026 for full compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Section 204 of this law requires food manufacturers and processors to additionally maintain records to quickly identify and remove potentially contaminated products from the market.

How can food manufacturers meet these requirements?
Transparency and collaboration in the supply chain play a key role, which can be supported by cloud technologies.

Cloud automation and artificial intelligence help identify products, increase efficiency and ensure compliance. Compliance with FSMA 204 will vary from company to company, but the right cloud solutions will simplify the process.

Cloud-based automated tagging allows you to quickly adapt to changes and save time and costs.

Cloud automation facilitates compliance and improves supply chain health. Pursuing FSMA compliance gives companies a chance to achieve the FDA’s long-term goal of full traceability.

In a recent article published by Food Industry Executive, David Dillon of Loftware describes how food companies can ensure FSMA compliance through cloud-based labeling: https://foodindustryexecutive.com/2024/06/ensuring-fsma-compliance-through-cloud-labeling/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR2E4qVoVoaAvOUNZ4f-DJNRWVGv0KbJb3b-M1E6XtNaCcESYuWnuadUGSQ_aem_TOfXFIMXtbCD4zCsct0AvA

Let’s prepare for the future with AI and automation to meet growing demands and ensure safety and high quality products!

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