10 May


OnlyBio Stories app launches in the Czech market

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the regionalized OnlyBio Stories app for the Czech market!

After long efforts and commitment of our team, we are ready to bring the app to the next country, adapting it to the specific legal requirements and preferences of local consumers.

The app not only offers translation, but also customization of content according to local preferences and trends, compliance with local legal requirements and other functionalities, and offers products tailored to local shopping preferences.

All to ensure the best possible user experience in the Czech market.

We are extremely proud of the progress and commitment to expand into new markets, especially since the app has been so successful in Poland! This allows even more users to use the app and enjoy the benefits of green products.

OnlyBio.life thank you for your trust!
We encourage our Czech friends to download OnlyBio Stories and experience an eco-friendly lifestyle at its best!