07 September


Creating a roadmap for sustainable labeling in the cloud

Today’s consumers are becoming catalysts for change!

They are increasingly incorporating sustainability into their purchasing decisions, making it imperative for brands to implement sustainable business practices on a large scale. It’s not just meeting customer expectations, but exceeding them in terms of environmental protection, social engagement and corporate governance (ESG).

Now that shoppers are redirecting their purchases toward brands that care about the planet,
LABELING IN THE CLOUD is becoming key to building robust ESG strategies. With increasing attention from governments, business partners, investors, customers and other stakeholders, now is the time to act.

Cloud-based labeling solutions can help your company:
* achieve higher levels of supply chain sustainability.
* improve product traceability
* dramatically reduce labeling errors
* eliminate the need for rework to remove and fix these errors
* reduce the number of scrapped products and pre-printed labels
* save on costs
* eliminate a large global footprint

Read more at: https://nicelabel.elcaro.pl/

Learn how to create a plan for sustainable labeling in the cloud: