17 July


Dunning System – we simplify your processes!

Did you know that there is a way to automate the process of reminding you of unpaid payments and minimize the risk of losing revenue?

We introduce you to the Dunning System!

The Dunning System is an advanced tool used by companies to effectively manage the process of collecting and reminding unpaid invoices. Thanks to it, we can automate the sending of notifications, customize the content for a given client, set a reminder schedule, monitor and manage all stages of the debt collection process, generate reports and track the effects of debt collection activities on an ongoing basis.

The benefits for our clients are invaluable!

First of all, the Dunning System reminds you of outstanding payments in a discreet and professional manner, which allows you to avoid unpleasant situations and provides convenience. You can rest assured that you will not miss any payment and will not be informed of ambiguous deadlines.

Secondly, the Dunning System takes care of your satisfaction as a manager or entrepreneur. Automating the collection process means that your company can focus on delivering the best quality products and services, instead of spending time and resources on manual payment reminders.

If you care about liquidity and expect a professional approach to the collection process, Dunning System is the perfect solution for you.

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