01 June


New feature in OnlyBio Stories app!

We are full of enthusiasm to introduce you to the latest feature in the app that we have prepared and are constantly developing for the renowned OnlyBio.life brand. We have worked intensively for many weeks to create something unique and useful.

We have great news for all app users!

Now generating a plan or using an existing plan has become even more convenient.
With just one click, you will get a link to a shopping cart with products from your plan.

How does it work? It’s simple!
After generating or selecting a plan in the OnlyBio Stories app, you simply click a button that automatically generates a link to your shopping cart. This link will take you to the OnlyBio.life store, where you will find a shopping cart filled with suggested products from the plan for each category. This is an extremely convenient solution that will save you time and effort when searching for the right products.

And that’s not all!
For its users, OnlyBio.life has introduced an attractive 40% discount on products in the shopping cart. In this way, the loyalty of the brand’s users has been rewarded.

We invite everyone to use the new functionality in the app and discover the wide range of products offered by OnlyBio.life.

Remember that the app is constantly evolving, and we are constantly working to improve and introduce new features to provide you with an even better experience.