03 March


Global Survey Reveals Cloud as Preferred Deployment Method for Addressing Existing Labeling and Supply Chain Challenges

71% of companies believe the cloud or a hybrid solution will be their preferred deployment method for labeling within the next three years, according to an annual report published by Loftware.

Loftware’s Josh Roffman: “Cloud adoption is proving to be the cornerstone of impactful digital transformation programs, as evidenced by the strong feedback we have received from our customers and partners. Among the many benefits on offer, the cloud provides quick deployment times, lower upfront costs, easy access, the ability to scale, and automatic updates. As companies of all sizes strive to increase profitability, drive growth, and streamline operations, we expect to see many forward-thinking organizations adopt the cloud for mission-critical business processes, including labeling.”

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Loftware is the world’s largest cloud-based Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management provider, offering an end-to-end labeling solution platform for companies of all sizes.

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